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Rose Quartz Rose Gold Facial Roller

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These are high quality natural rose quartz double head facial rollers with rose gold accents. 

To Use:

Roll the larger roller in an upwards motion on your face and rolls the smaller roller delicately around your eyes. 

Can apply facial oils or simply use after refrigeration. 

How do these work? 

Our face, just like our bodies, can store excess water and can be slow to remove toxins. When using them, the rollers massage our lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs just below the skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste. Massaging this system is key to removing excess water and therefore puffiness. 

These rollers will also boost blood circulation which plumps and firms face and help products absorb better into your skin.



Promotes: de-puffiness, blood circulation, smooth skin, anti-aging, relaxation 


Size 14cm x 41mm x 24mm, each come with a muslin carrying pouch.