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Rainbow Solar Quartz Pendant Necklace

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This listing is for one beautiful rainbow solar quartz pendant*, wrapped in silver or gold plated copper wire. Pendants range in shape and color, choose the exact pendant you want out of 6 pendants. The last two photos of the listing are numbered for choosing. #1 - #3 are silver and #4 - #6. The range in length from 1’ - 2’ inches long. Each pendant comes with a stainless steel chain necklace, size your choice. Choices: 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’. Please indicate the size you want in the seller’s notes when ordering. If a size is not indicated, 18’ will be automatically be sent.

Solar Quartz
•Attracts emotional power and uplifts with great energy and power
• Composed of all the properties of clear quartz
• Protective gemstone that purifies the physical, mental and spiritual levels
• Crown chakra healing

*Please note these are natural solar quartz stones that are man manipulated with dye. These stones are natural but the color is not.