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Grape Agate Wired Wrapped Pendant Necklace

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These are Grape Agate pendants wire wrapped with tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.  

Choose your favorite from 14 different pendants! The last two pictures are numbered for choosing.

If you are shopping on Instagram please visit thepeacefulpieces.com to see the numbered photos.

Each pendant will come with a stainless steel necklace chain, length of your choice.
Please state in seller's notes what size necklace you would like:

16', 18', 20', or 24' inch. If size is not given, 18' will automatically be sent out.

Grape agate is a trade name for purple botryoidal chalcedony from Indonesia. Grape agate stimulates dreams and intuition. It supports your spiritual growth and helps to build trust in the universe. It’s an excellent tool for deeper meditation.